We take pride in offering manti,

the traditional palatal delight

of the Turkish Cuisine to our valued

consumers by preserving its quality and taste.

Bolu Manti

100% ground beef is used in our products.


Having started its operations in 2006 year within an area of 60 sqm. with 1 piece of dough kneading machine and 1 piece of manti cutting blade to produce Bolu Manti, our company has grown in time together with the satisfaction of our valued customers and today we continue to offer our services throughout Turkey with our production facility located in Tuzla / Orhanlı within an area of 2500 sqm.

Continuous customer satisfaction

Our main principle is to ensure the consumer health and high level of service quality


We are aware of the responsibilities we have taken based on the trust of our valued consumers to produce quality, delicious and safe foods. In this scope our production meets the BRC Global Market standard that includes the product safety and quality management requirements and the SMETA 2 Pillar Sedex criteria that include the environmental management, occupational health and safety in addition to the ethical and social suitability requirements.

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Turkey’s manti choice

Wholesale and retail manti sales throughout Turkey


We offer manti for the needs of the national markets, market chains, schools, hospitals and catering companies throughout Turkey, from east to the west, with our wholesale and retail services.

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Our Products

2,5 kg Triangular Manti
Wheat Flour (contains gluten)
2,5 kg Bohça Manti
Wheat Flour (contains gluten)
600 gr Triangular Manti
Wheat Flour (contains gluten)
Manti Is Hard Work

Our Responsibilities

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We have adopted it as our main principle to always offer quality and safe foods and services to our customers by protecting their health and by ensuring the highest level of service quality with the goal of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. In parallel with this principle, we have adopted it as our goal to become the exemplary business in Turkey thanks to our qualified and professional employees, by meticulously fulfilling the customer demands, by staying in compliance with the standards to produce safe foods in healthy and hygienic environments to offer quality and safe products to our customers.

It is our life philosophy and business principle to ensure “Safe and Quality Food” in parallel with the continuous improvement approach and to adopt the social responsibility standards by acting in coordination with our suppliers and to direct all of our employees in this direction by working with team spirit.

  • To fulfill the requirements of our country’s environmental regulations and to stay up-to-date,
  • To ensure the measureable sustainable growth in every environmental field, as much as possible,
  • To determine the environmental aspects, the types of environmental effects and their possible damages,
  • To minimize the pollution and the wastes, to ensure the disposal of our dangerous wastes with minimum environmental effect,
  • To continuously train the employees and the sub-contractors and to encourage them to adopt such principles,
  • To determine the goals and purposes in this scope, and to declare the progress by reviewing them each year,
  • To continuously improve our environmental management system in the light of these principles.
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These principles are going to be publicly declared by using our communication possibilities and be open to the public opinion.

The administration shall always observe the implementation of the undertaken policies and goals.

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  • We will be accessible by the related parties to catch up with the changing world, to ensure growth and sustainable development.
  • All company employees are responsible from the employee health and occupational safety.
  • All accidents can be prevented and must be prevented.
  • There is always a safer way to do any work.
  • Our company values the health and occupational health of our employees as much as other business goals.
  • The responsibilities and authorities are going to be shared between all of our employees to fulfill the laws, regulations, legislation and other occupational health and safety requirements.
  • Every internal and external resources are going to be used by our company in the most correct and beneficial way to ensure an efficient, safe and healthy work environment, to make use of communication, to improve the individual performance of the employees and to reward the success and knowledge.
  • Our company attaches great importance to the trainings to create and improve the individual responsibility awareness in the employee health and occupational safety subjects and to effectively implement the OHSAS:18001 standard

This policy contains our commitments to ensure our sustainability by being aware of our social responsibilities as Mantıye Gıda San Ltd. Şti. company.

Child Labor: We promise not to have any worker under 16 years old to respect the healthy development and education right of the children, and to follow the methods and principles in employing the young employees,

Employment: We promise that the compliance to the company rules and social suitability conditions are important criteria which are as much as required as the technical and occupational knowledge during the employment stage to ensure the sustainability of fulfillment of the company’s ethical rules; the belowmentioned discrimination and harassment-cruel treatment prevention policies apply from the beginning of the employment stage,

Raising the Awareness Level of the Employees: We promise to increase the awareness level of the employees by informing them about their personal rights, company rules and work conditions at the employment stage and during the specific periods after employment, as we believe that the social suitability is based on the employees’ high level of awareness,

Work Hours: We promise to obey the related laws and regulations about the work hours and overtime work to ensure effective work and to respect the human rights,

Salaries and Payments: We promise there will be no salary lower than the minimum wage level as this is the minimum income level to earn their lives, and the overtime work hour payments are going to be paid by making additions according to the laws,

Obeying the Laws and Other Liabilities: We promise to obey the rules of the international social responsibility organizations (FLA, ILO, ETI) together with the business partnership rules of our customers, by following the related laws and regulations,

Discrimination: We promise, based on the fact that all employees have equal rights, that there will be no discrimination in the subjects of employment, damages payment, access to training and promotion, based on race, social class, religion, nationality, sex or politic relations,

Communication: We promise to implement the applications to keep the connection between all the employees and between their managers alive, based on the belief that the success is based on healthy communication, to establish good relations between the employees and managers and to sustain these relations,

Prevention of Harassment and Cruel Treatment: We promise to prevent the verbal / physical / psychological harassment or forced actions to ensure the peace of the workplace so that he employees can work happily,

Forced and Involuntary Labor: We promise that the employment is going to be based on voluntariness and no one will work compulsorily to pay debts or based on forcing contractual provisions,

Supplier Management: We promise to evaluate the social suitability activities of the supplier companies, based on the belief that all suppliers have equal responsibilities, and to track the results with the action plans and to supervise the social suitability activities with the management systems,

The Occupational Health and Safety: We promise to accept the people as the most valued assets in all activities and to create a safer and healthier work environment to minimize any possible loss as our goal with highest priority, to organize trainings to ensure all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities about the subject, to provide the required equipments for the Occupational Health and Safety rules, and to obey the related laws, regulations and conditions regarding the Occupational Health and Safety as well as Eko Textile standards and rules, to create a communication environment where all employees can work in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety policy, to raise awareness about the works performed in this subject, to determine the occupational health and safety risks that may occur within our company and to control them by keeping the risks within the acceptable levels,

Training: The training level of the employees determines the general level of the company. Based on this philosophy, we promise to raise the employees’ occupational health and safety awareness level, to organize trainings within and outside the company to support their professional and personal development, and therefore to ensure the company’s continuous development based on the employees’ developments thanks to the organized trainings.

  • We produce halal products using raw materials that are Halal, in compliance with the principles of quality, food safety,
  • By providing healthy products to our customers, fulfilling their expectations and needs completely and on time,
  • To protect natural resources, to comply with all environmental, health, labor legislation, regulations and laws, to reduce waste at the source by using clean production technologies to reduce pollution and waste at the source,
  • To provide high quality, innovative, efficient, competitive, regular and halal products and services to our consumers by carrying out continuous development studies,
  • To provide contemporary working environment and conditions by providing regular support services and training opportunities with appropriate organizational infrastructure,
  • By adopting the principles of product safety, health and environmental awareness, to provide our employees with a collaborative structure that is based on fair and solid foundations in accordance with commercial moral and ethical values,
  • To ensure that our suppliers operate within the framework of the understanding of halal production, packaging and sales that are respectful of social values, sensitive to the environment and human health, and fully bound by law,
  • We are committed to being a company that the society shows as an example, and as a company, as long as we operate by constantly controlling and improving all our processes.
Organic Products
Our manti contains 100% ground beef and it does not contain soy, additive or protective chemical.
Consumer Health
It is our main principle to protect your health by offering the highest service quality level to ensure consumer satisfaction.
Sales Network
Mantı-Ye products are sold throughout Turkey thanks to their reliability, quality and taste.
Manti Is Hard Work

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Continuous consumer satisfaction

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